We provide:
  • invitation
  • party decoration
  • tail rent
  • and mermaid party treats.

We work together with the youth in Bali providing internship and student job.

Birthday party can be booked in private or public pools


School holidays? Weekend play with your friends? Enjoy fun time under the sun in fresh cooling pool swimming and splashing like a mermaid.


Our mermaid instructor can come to your place with 3 rent tails for 500,000 rupiah for 2 hrs play.

You can then extent play for 100,000 per hour.


Party decoration, printed invitations, party treats and professional photographers are not included.

If you wish to have the mentioned additions, please have a look at our Birthday Party packages.


event calendar 

Mermaid Day Out is an organized mermaid activity in public pools, a perfect gathering to attend to try out our mermaid tails and to meet new merfriends.

We run Mermaid Day Out through out the island of Bali.

The event is conducted by our Mersister (mermaid instructor) to show you how to swim like a mermaid, to show basic safety and also to demonstrate mermaid tails tricks.

We occasionally invite the island’s marine wild life conservation organizations to the event to talk about their programs.