Putri Siren is a Bali-based manufacture company making swim mermaid tails and mermaid merchandise and its distribution in Bali. Putri Siren is also a service company providing mermaiding activity for birthday parties and events.

Ayu Norma and her daughter Kali Firscha founded the company in early 2016. Ayu is an artist and a designer. She is the product designer and the director of the company.

We are passionate about marine wildlife and its conservation. We make children activity books about turtle and manta ray and their habitats in Indonesia. We take part in beach cleaning efforts by regularly collecting fishing net debris from Bali beaches and make them into bracelets as a sweet reminder of what’s happening in our sea.

We believe in the power of femininity. We embrace this socially constructed set of attributes and behaviors of women’s beauty and empower it with strength (mermaiding is a cross between free diving and synchronized swimming) Our mermaids are active, busy, strong, powered with passion and knowledge on marine wildlife.